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Take the Challenge as a Church or Youth Group


boy_reading_bibleAre you desperate to see the people in your Church reading the Bible?

Are you passionate about seeing them growing on their own?

Do you want to set them up for a lifetime of growth?


Churches across Australia are already taking the 60-Day Challenge and seeing miraculous, life changing results in their youth ministries, small groups and churches.

What is the 60-Day Milk to Meat Challenge?


The Milk to Meat Challenge is completing the book together, as a Church, Youth Ministry or Small Group.


In a world that is so fast passed, always changing, busy and a new ‘in-thing' out regularly, it is difficult to remain committed to one devotional for 60-Days (let alone 2 years). Hence the challenge, can you step up and complete every reading, every section, every day for 60 days?


Sounds impossible?


It's not impossible! Witha great support network and of course Jesus - nothing is impossible!Being able to complete the challenge together as a group or congregation strengthens commitment, accountability and learning. It is encouraging to hear how others have grown through out the process. Having others walk with you, completing the same day together gives you a great head start.


By completing all 60 days you will have formed the basis of a good healthy habit of reading, studying and applying the Word and set you up for a lifetime of your own devotional reading.


There is plenty of ideas, testimonies and blogs so you canread from other Churches how they have successfully completed the 60-Day Challenge.